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About us

The History

We met a long ago at 2006 to solve one complex customer's problem, which required a coordinated effort of several qualified specialists. There wasn't any Expedio out there at that time. We worked for different companies in different areas of bussiness. After completing that job, we parted ways. But only to meet again in several months.

During last years we solved different problems for different customers. Sometimes we did it together, sometimes individually. And now, after about five years we decided to unite our efforts and established Expedio Group.

The word “Expedio” from Latin means “untangle”. We took this name because most of all we like to deal with difficult problems, which scared all others.

The Now

Expedio is a young company. We are a small group of specialists, which are connected to the problem as becomes necessary. You can check our portfolio, by the way. You can also check a list of tasks we are usually assigned to by customers.

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